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Construction and Industrial Materials: Essential, Beneficial, Sustainable

A steady supply of construction and industrial materials are essential to the California Dream and our quality of life. In the same way we need water and power facilities, a reliable, local supply of construction and industrial materials is essential to modern society.  Try to imagine a world without rock, sand, gravel, concrete and industrial minerals. There would be no homes, highways, hospitals and schools. There would be no bridges, dams, solar panels, computers, life-saving medicines or many of the products we use each and every day.
The environmental and economic value and benefit of our industry is everywhere you look.
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  • Annual Spring Thaw Conferences Underscore Safety Priority

    Annual Spring Thaw Conferences Underscore Safety Priority  For years, CalCIMA has hosted annual training conferences called the Spring Thaw. The conferences provide an opportunity for laborers, plant managers, supervisors, safety personnel, company owners, vendors, suppliers and equipment manufacturers to get together to discuss updates in regulation, policy and procedure as well as new training ideas.

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  • Safety Matters

    The California Construction & Industrial Materials Association (CalCIMA) named the winners of its 2017 Excellence in Safety Awards and Outstanding Safety Leadership Awards at CalCIMA's Education Conference which took place from Nov 5th – 8th at the Resort at Squaw Creek in Olympic Valley.

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  • Caltrans Accelerates Bridges, Road Spending

    Caltrans announced last week that it would begin funding 90 transportation projects, valued at $3.4 billion, sooner than expected.  The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.  The Act provides 

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