Our Members

CalCIMA is a statewide trade association for aggregate, ready mixed concrete, and industrial mineral operations.  The members of CalCIMA provide materials to make construction materials such as concrete, asphalt, and road base.  These materials build roads, bridges, homes, hospitals, walkways, and water structures.  CalCIMA members also provide essential ingredients for beer, wine, vitamins, nutrients, and soil enhancements, as well as for paint, roofing shingles, glass, pipes, brick,  plastic, and artistic elements.  CalCIMA members operate about 500 plants in California.


7/11 Materials                                                                                                     
A & A Ready Mixed Concrete, Inc.                                                                    
AgCon, Inc.                                                                                                         
Allied Concrete & Supply Co. Inc.                                                                      
Argent Materials Inc                                                                                           
Basic Resources, Inc.                                                                                        
Bender Ready Mix Concrete, Inc.                                                                      
Blue Mountain Minerals                                                                                      
BoDean Co., Inc.                                                                                                
Brown Sand, Inc.                                                                                                
Brubaker-Mann, Inc.                                                                                           
Builders Concrete/Viking Ready Mix                                                                  
Canyon Rock Co., Inc.                                                                                       
Carmelita Resources LLC                                                                                  
Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc.                                                                      
Chandler's Sand & Gravel                                                                                  
David A. Bush Inc.                                                                                              
DeSilva Gates Aggregates                                                                                 
Don Chapin Co. Inc.                                                                                           
Elementis Specialties, Inc.                                                                                 
Escondido Materials                                                                                           
Folsom Ready Mix Inc.                                                                                       
Ford Construction Co., Inc.                                                                                
Frank B. Marks & Son, Inc.                                                                                
G3 Enterprises                                                                                                   
Gail Materials                                                                                                     
Gary Bale Redi-Mix                                                                                            
George Reed, Inc.                                                                                              
Gladding, McBean                                                                                              
Golden Queen Aggregates                                                                                 
Granite Construction, Inc.                                                                                   
Grimes Rock, Inc.                                                                                               
Hester's Granite Co.                                                                                           
Holliday Rock Co., Inc.                                                                                       
Imerys Minerals California, Inc.                                                                          
Jaxon Enterprises                                                                                               
Knife River Construction                                                                                    
Langley Hill Quarry                                                                                             
Lehigh Hanson Region West                                                                             
Lhoist North America                                                                                          
Livingston's Concrete Service, Inc.                                                                    
Madera Quarry, LLC                                                                                           
National Ready Mixed Concrete Co.                                                                  
Northgate Ready Mix                                                                                          
Omya, Inc.                                                                                                          
Outback Materials                                                                                              
P.W. Gillibrand Co. Inc.                                                                                      
Pacific Aggregates, Inc.                                                                                     
Puente Ready Mix, Inc.                                                                                      
Rancho Ready Mix Products L.P.                                                                      
RCP Block & Brick, Inc.                                                                                     
Robertson's Ready Mix, Ltd.                                                                              
Shamrock Materials, Inc.                                                                                    
Soiland Co., Inc.                                                                                                 
Sousa Ready Mix                                                                                               
Specialty Minerals, Inc.                                                                                      
Spragues' Ready Mix                                                                                         
State Ready Mix, Inc.                                                                                         
Stevens Creek Quarry, Inc.                                                                                
Stimpel-Wiebelhaus Associates, Inc.                                                                 
Stoneridge Quarry, LLC                                                                                     
Superior Ready Mix Concrete                                                                            
Syar Industries, Inc.                                                                                            
Teichert Materials                                                                                               
TNT Materials                                                                                                     
United Rock Products                                                                                        
US Pumice Co.                                                                                                   
Vulcan Materials Western Division                                                                    
Werner Corporation                                                                                            
Western Aggregates, LLC