2017 Excellence in Safety Awards

The CalCIMA Safety and Health Committee is now accepting award applications for the 2017 Excellence in Safety Awards.  

The awards recognize exceptional contributions to safety, including leadership, innovation, commitment, and impact of the safety program. There are award categories for mines, plants, and individuals.  Applicaitons are due by September 18th.  

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Excellence in Safety Award Recipients

Safety Leadership Award            Ramiro Murillo – Lead Kilnman, Natividad Plant, Lhoist North America
Safety Professional Award          Brian Bigley – Safety Manager, Tehachapi Plant, Lehigh SW Cement
Small Aggregate                         CalPortland’s Garey Aggregate Plant
Large Aggregate                         Vulcan Materials Western Division’s Corona Quarry
Industrial Mineral                         Lhoist North America’ Natividad Plant,
                                                    Specialty Minerals, Inc’s Lucerne Valley Plant
Cement                                       Lehigh Southwest Cement’s Tehachapi Plant,
Ready Mixed Concrete               CalPortland’s Ontario Concrete Product Plants
                                                   Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc.’ Pleasanton Plant,
Safety Leadership Award            Brad RiechersGraniterock’s Southside Sand & Gravel
                                                    Gerardo ValenciaLhoist No. America’s Natividad Plant
Small Aggregate                         Lehigh Hanson’s Oakland Tidewater Plant
Large Aggregate                         Graniterock’s A.R. Wilson Quarry
Industrial Minerals                       L’Hoist No. America’s Natividad Plant
Cement                                       Lehigh SW Cement’s Tehachapi Plant
Ready Mixed Concrete               Lehigh Hanson’s San Luis Obispo Plant
Safety Leadership Award            Paulo Machado, Cemex’s Modesto Ready Mix Plant
                                                    Gary Andrade, Graniterock’s Southside Sand & Gravel
Small Aggregate                         Graniterock’s Southside Sand & Gravel
Large Aggregate                         Lehigh Hanson’s Clayton Quarry
Industrial Minerals                       Lhoist’s Natividad plant
Cement                                       Lehigh Southwest Cement’s Tehachapi Plant
Ready Mixed Concrete               CalPortland’s Live Oak Ready Mix Plant
                                                    Lehigh Hanson’s Slaughterhouse Canyon
Small Aggregate Mine                Calaveras Materials Inc.’s Merced Aggregate Mine
Large Aggregate Mine                Lehigh Hanson’s Irwindale Rock Plant
Industrial Mineral Mine               Lhoist North America’s Natividad Plant
Ready Mixed Concrete               Lehigh Hanson’s Paso Robles Plant
Cement                                       TXI Riverside Cement’s Crestmore Quarry

Safety Leadership Award           Sherry RobertsonGranite Construction Co.’s Handley Ranch Quarry
Small Aggregate Mine                Santa Fe Aggregates’ Waterford Plant
Large Aggregate Mine                Lehigh Hanson’s Carroll Canyon Rock Plant
Industrial Mineral Mine               Elementis Specialties, Inc’s Hector Mine
Ready Mixed Concrete               CalPortland Construction’s Solvang Plant
Small Aggregate Mine                Teichert Aggregates' Hallwood Plant
Large Aggregate Mine                United Rock Products' Irwindale Plant
Industrial Mineral Mine               Specialty Granules, Inc.'s Ione Plant
Ready Mixed Concrete               CalPortland's West Los Angeles Plant
(2008-2010 awards given to plant managers)
Small Aggregate Mine                James O’Brien, Los Banos Plant Manager, Vulcan Materials, West Div.
Large Aggregate Mine                Randy Riberdy, Sun Valley Plant Manager, Vulcan Materials, West Div. 
Ready Mixed Concrete               Tom Bascue, Los Banos/Gustine Plant Manager, Vulcan Materials, WD
Small Aggregate Mine                Dean Browning, GM, Holliday Rock, Co., Inc.
Large Aggregate Mine                Greg Wilkerson, Corono Quarry Manager, Vulcan Materials, West Div.
                                                    Michael Cunningham, Perkins Plant Manager, Teichert Aggregates
Industrial Minerals                       Mike McGath, Hector Mine Manager, Elementis Specialties, Inc.
Ready Mixed Concrete                Lenny Price, Operations Manager, CalPortland 

Small Aggregate Mine                Chuck Berry, Plant Operations Manager, Raisch Products
Large Aggregate Mine                Alan Armstrong, Corona Quarry Manager, CEMEX
Cement Plant                              Mike Robertson, Colton Plant Manager, CalPortland
Industrial Minerals                      Jerry Stacy, Plant Manager, Gladding, McBean Co.
                                                   Doug Mayger, General Manager, Specialty Minerals, Inc.
Ready Mixed Concrete               Ted Cordts, Colton Operations Manager, CalPortland

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