Legislative Conference

April 10-11, 2018
Kimpton Sawyer Hotel
Sacramento, CA

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Legislative Conference

Sawyer Hotel

Defending SB1 from Repeal

Michael Quigley, Executive Director, Alliance for Jobs, Board Member, Coalition to Protect Local Transportation Funding (CPLTI)
John Hakel, Executive Director, Southern California Partnership for Jobs
With efforts to qualify a ballot measure to repeal SB 1 for the November Election, a strong campaign is underway to defeat any repeal proposition and to protect the 5 billion + in funding for transportation improvements.  Michael and John will be briefing us on these campaign efforts and how CalCIMA members can be effectively engaged.

Incentivizing Surplus Emissions Reductions

Jack Kitowski, Division Chief, Mobile Source Control Division, California Air Resources Board 
Jack will speak to members about the record levels of state funding for the private purchase and deployment of low emission infrastructure and vehicles across the state.

Advocating for Business Opportunities  

Erin Guerrero, Vice President of Legislative Affairs, California Building Industry Association 
With the renewed interest on the part of the legislature and candidates for Governor advocating for increased housing production, CalCIMA members will get a briefing on bills that CBIA has identified as worthy of support.

Infrastructure on the Rocks

Michael Johnson, President & CEO, NSSGA
Learn the latest about the efforts of NSSGA and the Higway Materials Group to support President Trump's call for $1.5 trillion in infrastructure investment and meaningful regulatory reform. The discussion will also include a political update focused on the upcoming 2018 federal elections and control of Congress.

Legislative Appointments
State Capitol

Legislative Reception
Downtown & Vine

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Committee Meetings

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Member Breakfast
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Governmental/Legal Affairs Committee
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Member Lunch
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Board of Directors
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