No On 6

Proposition 6 is a deceptive measure on the November ballot that would put Californians' safety and quality of life at risk. Supporters of Prop 6 are opponents to  SB 1 and are spreading false information and flat-out untruths. Get the facts here. Share them. And come November, Vote No On 6.


Proposition 6 is a deceptive measure on the November ballot that would put Californian's safety and quality of life at risk. If passed, the proposition would eliminate more than $5 billion dollars per year in existing transportation funding. These funds are currently being put to use to make road safety improvements, ease traffic congestion, fix potholes, upgrade bridges and overpasses, and improve public transportation in every California community. This measure would jeopardize more than 5,000 transportation improvement projects currently underway or planned throughout the state –making our local roads less safe, more congested and more deteriorated. 

A broad coalition of public safety, environmental, community, business, labor and local government groups is working to make sure California voters know what's at risk. Your No Vote on 6 will mean safer, better California roads, highways, bridges and public transit. Click the information sheets below to learn more.


No On Prop 6

SB 1 & Prop 6 Facts




Help spread the word about the negative effects of Prop 6 including taking away money for badly needed repairs and upkeep on CA's streets, roads, bridges and mass transit. Most importantly, Californians safety is at risk! Click on the images below to download each graphic. Suggested copy has been provided in the caption of each image for your own post. Use the captions as written, or feel free to make your own personal plea to CA friends and family about No On 6.