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Construction and Industrial Materials: Essential, Beneficial, Sustainable


A steady supply of construction and industrial materials are essential to the California Dream and our quality of life. In the same way we need water and power facilities, a reliable, local supply of construction and industrial materials is essential to modern society.  Try to imagine a world without rock, sand, gravel, concrete, asphalt, and industrial minerals. There would be no homes, highways, hospitals and schools. There would be no bridges, dams, solar panels, computers, life-saving medicines or many of the products we use each and every day.
The environmental and economic value and benefit of our industry is everywhere you look.
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  • Federal Update Webinar with National Associations

    There are a lot of new challenges and changes in all the new federal legislation, regulations, and policies over the past year for construction and industrial material sustainability. This will soon start to impact state legislation, regulations, specifications, and contract letting with state DOTs and other federal aid infrastructure owners. Whether it's the IIJA, BIL, IRA, GSA procurement policy, Build American, or defense legislation, there are significant new policy considerations and challenges, but there are also opportunities! From “Buy Clean” to “Buy American,” Congress is driving significant change on everything, including how we produce our essential construction and industrial materials, criteria for public use of those materials, and its overall carbon footprint tied to new infrastructure investment. CalCIMA President & CEO Robert Dugan brought together the advocacy leadership of our national association partners who are working at the federal level every today to ensure you are prepared for the challenges and availed the opportunities that are coming.

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  • Aggregates Exemption from Federal Buy America Requirements

    The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) provides historic federal investment into existing and new programs to improve infrastructure across the country.  One of the key policy changes made under the IIJA was the creation of new federal Build America Buy America (BABA) sourcing requirements, which include the addition of “construction materials” to Buy America preferences across federal infrastructure programs.

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  • Sky high fuel prices slam construction industry

    In an interview with Graniterock, President/CEO of CalCIMA Robert Dugan discusses the challenges and opportunities that the construction and industrial materials industry face post COVID-19.  

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