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Construction and Industrial Materials: Essential, Beneficial, Sustainable


A steady supply of construction and industrial materials are essential to the California Dream and our quality of life. In the same way we need water and power facilities, a reliable, local supply of construction and industrial materials is essential to modern society.  Try to imagine a world without rock, sand, gravel, concrete, asphalt, and industrial minerals. There would be no homes, highways, hospitals and schools. There would be no bridges, dams, solar panels, computers, life-saving medicines or many of the products we use each and every day.
The environmental and economic value and benefit of our industry is everywhere you look.
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  • Member Update

    As the COVID controls continue to wane and the process of rebuilding our economy ensues, I have had the opportunity to start traveling and meeting with our members.  It is truly inspiring to meet with you all, visit our plants, and learn first-hand what our members have gone through to keep the materials supply chain working during the pandemic and maintain the backbone of California's economy.   

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  • 2021 Executive Committee and Committee Leadership

    In their January 28, 2021 meeting, the CalCIMA Board of Directors elected the 2021 Executive Committee and Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs.  

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  • Prioritize Vaccine for Essential Workers

    CalCIMA & AGC Ask For Vaccine Prioritization for Workers. CalCIMA and the Associated General Contractors of California joined in a letter to the CA Dept. of Public Health requesting appropriate prioritization for essential construction and construction/industrial material suppliers in COVID-19 vaccine distribution.    

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