Transportation Funding

Road Repair & Accountability Act of 2017

It is important when talking among co-workers, neighbors, family and friends, that we are all doing our part to education the public and help understand why SB 1 is so important.  

Inaccurate, misleading and incomplete information is being dissemintated through all forms of media and it is upon us to do all that we can to provide full, complete and accurate informaiton.  Our friends at Transportation California has put together a SB 1 fact sheet which can be used to counter these attacks and explain why SB 1 is necessary and what it will do.  Click below to download the SB 1 Fact Sheet.

Urge Congress to Not Support Efforts to Repeal SB 1

CalCIMA sent a letter to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to urge him and other members of Congress to support California's plan to provide funding for a safer and more reliable infrastructure by not supporting any efforts to repeal SB 1.  Download CalCIMA's letter and reach out to your members of Congress today.

SB 1 Letter to Congress