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CalCIMA is the statewide advocacy voice of the construction and industrial materials industry in California.  Our members operate over 500 plants and facilities throughout the state, which include aggregate, concrete, cement, asphalt, industrial minerals, and precast products.  Our members produce the materials that build our state’s infrastructure; public roads, rail, and water projects, homes, schools, and hospitals, assist in growing crops and feeding livestock, play a key role in manufacturing consumer products, including roofing materials, paint, low-energy light bulbs, and battery technology for electric cars and windmills.  Our members produce the very foundation of our economy. 

Producer Members:
          Aggregate Producer
          Ready Mixed Concrete Producer
          Asphalt Producer
          Precast Manufacturer
          Industrial Materials Producer
Associate Members: 
          Services Provider
          Direct Goods Provider
To find out more information about CalCIMA and our accomplishments over the past ten years, please check out our Membership Brochure: Membership Matters: A Decade of Progress.
Below is a brief listing of the benefits of being a CalCIMA member:
  • Your Company Name will be listed in our Directory and Buyer’s Guide
  • You and all of your colleagues would be entitled to participate in one of our many committee meetings
  • You will receive access to our online directory which is searchable and includes full contact information of our membership.  Or if you prefer, we could send you a listing of our members with their contact info.
  • You will be automatically subscribed to our Weekly Update, our e-newsletter and our Conveyor Magazine.
  • Participation in our events, would be at a discounted rate
  • We provide speaking and publishing opportunities and give preference treatment to members in our selection process.
  • We highlight Associate Members weekly in our online newsletter.
  • Access to staff whose longevity with the Association helps to make connections with other members and can provide referrals.
  • We have a very strong legislative program which is member driven and works to advocate for all lines of business within CalCIMA. Check out our 2021 Advocacy Highlights.
  • CalCIMA is the only statewide association representing the construction materials, mining and ready mixed concrete industry.

Producer dues are based on the previous year’s production while associate membership dues are based on the total number of employees, world-wide.  Please click here for our dues policy statement. 

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Producer Members: Those companies which engage in the mining and processing of Aggregates (crushed stone, construction sand and gravel) Ready Mixed Concrete, Asphalt Producers, Industrial Minerals and Precast Manufacturers.

Associate Members: Direct Goods and Services Providers; those who supply goods or services to producer member types. 

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