2022 Excellence in Safety Awards Applications Open!

It’s that time of year again! CalCIMA is currently accepting nominees for our 2022 Excellence in Safety Awards. Please find the 2022 application packet here, which includes detailed instructions on how to apply.

The award categories are as follows:

Aggregate (large & small operations)
Industrial Mineral
Outstanding Safety Leadership Award (for personnel and managers)
Safety Professional Award (for safety managers)
Applications are due Sept. 9, 2022. Please submit applications either by sending an e-mail to or mailing to the CalCIMA office.
Attn: Nicole Ross
455 Capitol Mall, Suite 210
Sacramento, CA 95814
Please contact Charley Rea at with any questions.
Thank you and good luck!

2021 Excellence in Safety Award Winners

Sacramento - The California Construction and Industrial Materials Association (CalCIMA) announced its 2021 Excellence in Safety Awards winners. These awards acknowledge the exceptional work and contributions to safety in regard to leadership, innovation, commitment, and impact beyond the plant.

“Safety has to be Job No. 1 in our industry. We’re proud to prioritize the safety of our workers, from training and tools, to our operational plans focused to ensure all workers are in a safe environment,” said Robert Dugan, President and CEO of CalCIMA. “We continuously work to improve our methods of communication between workers, inspections around plants and quarries, and review general preventative measures. Likewise, we are proud to honor these teams as shining examples of diligence to embrace the obligation to send every employee home to their families at the end of their shift each day.”

The Excellence in Safety Awards honor different categories of mines and plants, such as aggregate, asphalt and concrete. The winners are:
Large Aggregate Mine - United Rock’s Irwindale Quarry (Irwindale, CA)
Small Aggregate Mine - Granite Construction’s Solari Sand & Gravel (Arvin, CA)
Asphalt Plant - Granite Construction’s Desert Cities Asphalt Plant (Indio, CA)
Asphalt Plant - Granite Rock Co.’s Peninsula Road Materials (Redwood City, CA)
Concrete Plant - Granite Rock Co.’s Santa Cruz Concrete (Santa Cruz, CA)
Special Recognition Award - Martin Marietta’s Tehachapi Cement Plant (Tehachapi, CA)

There are also individual winners who have demonstrated that they prioritize and practice safety every day. The winners are:

Outstanding Safety Leadership Award - Stephanie Lovell, A.R. Wilson Quarry Business Manager (Aromas, CA)
Safety Professional Award - Adam Winter, ES&H Manager, Gillibrand Industrial Sands, Inc. (Simi Valley, CA)
Safety Professional Award - Daisy Kwan, Safety Engineer, Granite Rock Co. (Watsonville, CA)

The Safety Awards were presented by Meghan Neal, Director of Environmental, Health and Safety at PW Gillibrand. Safety Awards were chosen based on an essay describing what’s occurring at the plant, and a panel of judges from CalCIMA’s Safety and Health Committee review and choose the winners.

“Safety awards are important to those who embrace their positive safety cultures. They not only value their people, but recognize that paying attention to safety is an important key to business systems,” said safety awards judge Terry Tyson of Insight Services and Presentations. “It results in higher safety, less waste, and high employee morale. People want to work for companies that are safe to work at, and that will attract higher quality candidates. We need to care about our people because we don’t hire robots.”

CalCIMA is the state trade association for aggregate, concrete, asphalt, and industrial mineral producers that provide the materials to build roads, bridges, rail, homes, schools, hospitals, and water systems. Members produce construction materials from over 500 operations throughout the state.


Excellence in Safety
2020 Award Winners

Awards Criteria


Excellence in Safety Award Recipients

Safety Leadership Award           Stephanie Lovell  A.R Wilson Quarry 
Safety Professional Award         Adam Winter Gillbrand Industrial Sands
Safety Professional Award         Daisy Kwan – Granite Rock Co.
Small Aggregate                        Granite Construction's Solari Sand & Gravel
Large Aggregate                        United Rock's Irwindale Quarry

Asphalt Plant                             Granite Construction's Desert Cities Asphalt Plant
Asphalt Plant                             Granite Rock Co's Pennisula Road Materials 
Concrete Plant                           Granite Rock Co's Santa Cruz Concrete

Special Recognition                   Martin Marietta's Tehachapi Cement Plant


Safety Leadership Award         Ted Nicholas - Bradshaw Plant
Safety Professional Award -
Honorary COVID-19 Award      Ronnie Romiti - Central Concrete
Safety Professional Award       Jason Stevenson - 7-11 Materials
Safety Professional Award       Dana Bednarik - Granite Construction

Large Aggregate Mine              Granite Construction's Vernalis Aggregate Plant
Small Aggregate Mine              CalPortland's Rocky Canyon Aggregates
Industrial Mineral Mine             Omya, Inc.'s Sentinel Quarry
Concrete Plant                         Syar Concrete's Vallejo Plant

Safety Professional Award         Julio Cazares - Stevens Creek Quarry
Safety Leadership Award          Cynthia Escobar - Graniterock's Quail Hollow Quarry

Large Aggregate Mine                Graniterock's Arvin Aggregate Facility
Small Aggregate Mine                Graniterock's Quail Hollow Quarry
Ready Mixed Concrete               Right Away Redy Mix's Pleasanton Plant

Safety Professional Award         Juan Hernandez – Lhoist North America
Small Aggregate                         Granite Construction's Handley Ranch Quarry
Large Aggregate                         Vulcan Materials Company's Corona Stone
Industrial Mineral                        Lhoist North America’ Natividad Plant                                    
Ready Mixed Concrete               Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc.’s San Jose Plant

Safety Leadership Award            John Davis  Catalina Pacific Concrete, CalPortland
Safety Leadership Award            Ameet Bodhankar  Lhoist North America - Natividad Plant
Safety Professional Award          Gregory "Buzz" Biles – Granite Construction, Inc.
Small Aggregate                         Vulcan Materials Company's Azusa Rock Quarry
Large Aggregate                         Cemex's Lytle Creek Aggregates Quarry
Industrial Mineral                         Lhoist North America’ Natividad Plant

Ready Mixed Concrete               Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc.’ Bode San Francisco Plant

Safety Leadership Award            Ramiro Murillo – Lead Kilnman, Natividad Plant, Lhoist North America
Safety Professional Award          Brian Bigley – Safety Manager, Tehachapi Plant, Lehigh SW Cement
Small Aggregate                         CalPortland’s Garey Aggregate Plant
Large Aggregate                         Vulcan Materials Western Division’s Corona Quarry
Industrial Mineral                         Lhoist North America’ Natividad Plant,
                                                    Specialty Minerals, Inc’s Lucerne Valley Plant
Cement                                       Lehigh Southwest Cement’s Tehachapi Plant,
Ready Mixed Concrete               CalPortland’s Ontario Concrete Product Plants
                                                   Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc.’ Pleasanton Plant
Safety Leadership Award            Brad RiechersGraniterock’s Southside Sand & Gravel
                                                    Gerardo ValenciaLhoist No. America’s Natividad Plant
Small Aggregate                         Lehigh Hanson’s Oakland Tidewater Plant
Large Aggregate                         Graniterock’s A.R. Wilson Quarry
Industrial Minerals                       L’Hoist No. America’s Natividad Plant
Cement                                       Lehigh SW Cement’s Tehachapi Plant
Ready Mixed Concrete               Lehigh Hanson’s San Luis Obispo Plant
Safety Leadership Award            Paulo Machado, Cemex’s Modesto Ready Mix Plant
                                                    Gary Andrade, Graniterock’s Southside Sand & Gravel
Small Aggregate                         Graniterock’s Southside Sand & Gravel
Large Aggregate                         Lehigh Hanson’s Clayton Quarry
Industrial Minerals                       Lhoist’s Natividad plant
Cement                                       Lehigh Southwest Cement’s Tehachapi Plant
Ready Mixed Concrete               CalPortland’s Live Oak Ready Mix Plant
                                                    Lehigh Hanson’s Slaughterhouse Canyon
Small Aggregate Mine                Calaveras Materials Inc.’s Merced Aggregate Mine
Large Aggregate Mine                Lehigh Hanson’s Irwindale Rock Plant
Industrial Mineral Mine               Lhoist North America’s Natividad Plant
Ready Mixed Concrete               Lehigh Hanson’s Paso Robles Plant
Cement                                       TXI Riverside Cement’s Crestmore Quarry

Safety Leadership Award           Sherry RobertsonGranite Construction Co.’s Handley Ranch Quarry
Small Aggregate Mine                Santa Fe Aggregates’ Waterford Plant
Large Aggregate Mine                Lehigh Hanson’s Carroll Canyon Rock Plant
Industrial Mineral Mine               Elementis Specialties, Inc’s Hector Mine
Ready Mixed Concrete               CalPortland Construction’s Solvang Plant
Small Aggregate Mine                Teichert Aggregates' Hallwood Plant
Large Aggregate Mine                United Rock Products' Irwindale Plant
Industrial Mineral Mine               Specialty Granules, Inc.'s Ione Plant
Ready Mixed Concrete               CalPortland's West Los Angeles Plant
(2008-2010 awards given to plant managers)
Small Aggregate Mine                James O’Brien, Los Banos Plant Manager, Vulcan Materials, West Div.
Large Aggregate Mine                Randy Riberdy, Sun Valley Plant Manager, Vulcan Materials, West Div. 
Ready Mixed Concrete               Tom Bascue, Los Banos/Gustine Plant Manager, Vulcan Materials, WD
Small Aggregate Mine                Dean Browning, GM, Holliday Rock, Co., Inc.
Large Aggregate Mine                Greg Wilkerson, Corono Quarry Manager, Vulcan Materials, West Div.
                                                    Michael Cunningham, Perkins Plant Manager, Teichert Aggregates
Industrial Minerals                       Mike McGath, Hector Mine Manager, Elementis Specialties, Inc.
Ready Mixed Concrete                Lenny Price, Operations Manager, CalPortland 

Small Aggregate Mine                Chuck Berry, Plant Operations Manager, Raisch Products
Large Aggregate Mine                Alan Armstrong, Corona Quarry Manager, CEMEX
Cement Plant                              Mike Robertson, Colton Plant Manager, CalPortland
Industrial Minerals                      Jerry Stacy, Plant Manager, Gladding, McBean Co.
                                                   Doug Mayger, General Manager, Specialty Minerals, Inc.
Ready Mixed Concrete               Ted Cordts, Colton Operations Manager, CalPortland