Caltrans Accelerates Bridges, Road Spending

Caltrans announced last week that it would begin funding 90 transportation projects, valued at $3.4 billion, sooner than expected.  The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.  The Act provides 
an additional $5 billion in annual funds for bridge and road repair.  In addition, it includes an accompanying constitutional amendment to protect the funds from diversion to other accounts. The accelerated projects announced by Caltrans include improving or replacing 66 bridges, rehabbing 1,200 miles of road, and repairing 300 culverts.  For a district-by-district list of projects, click here....Meanwhile, as the Nov. 1 date nears for SB 1's tax and fee increases to take effect, taxpayer groups, political candidates, and members of Congress continue to have concerns about the financing mechanism...However, in San Diego, they are looking for even more  transportation funding sources...And, today, in Los Angeles, the CA Transportation Commission is holding a workshop on reducing road congestion ...Congestion may be driving federal attention, too, where there are renewed reports of the President emphasizing a federal infrastructure plan, and possibly financing it through tax reform.