Concrete As A Building Material... From Mid-century To Future Centuries.

Mid-century modernists looked to the future… and built with strength using concrete. Today ,as we look to the future to build with strength we continue to look to concrete to build California's roads, bridges and essential infrastructure.


Without a doubt, a signature component to mid-century Modern architecture was the use of concrete as a building material. Concrete and decorative screen block were used throughout all sorts of structures from homes and office buildings to public buildings, restaurants, well everything really. In fact, it is estimated there are over 40 different block patterns found throughout Palm Springs.


You can see how adding breeze block walls, in particular, enhanced the exterior character of popular neighborhoods, while also serving as filters from the sun and wind, and adding a level of privacy. But we're even more excited to see how Incorporating CO2 into concrete may well become the best and fastest mans for capturing, retaining and reducing CO2 - the biggest culprit contributing to greenhouse gasses. All this is done when CO2 gas is turned into a solid aggregate for use in concrete. But. CO2 can also be used to cure concrete. Other processes currently  under study replace cement with ground steel slag, then cure it with CO2 to make concrete.


When it comes to construction and building materials, our members and their employees deliver the essential, beneficial and sustainable solutions California Dreams are made of.