Industry and regulators come together in first-of-its-kind remote tour of an asphalt plant.

As the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) prepares to adopt a new rule to reduce NOx from aggregate plants, CalCIMA member Sully-Miller opened its doors to provide an informational live tour virtually for SCAQMD staff to give them a better understanding of the plant design before moving forward with the rule-making process. 

Generally, a facility tour would have been the best way for SCAQMD staff to learn more about the design of an asphaltic concrete plant, however due to COVID-19, a physical tour was unlikely. Eager to work together, the idea of a virtual tour was developed. Tour participants were armed with facility maps and images while Ken Barker with Sully-Miller was armed with a camera where he walked through the plant to give a clear picture of retrofit control installation challenges. This live tour was conducive to Q&A and helped regulators understand the intricacies of an asphalt plant. 


According to Suzanne Seivright-Sutherland with CalCIMA, SCAQMD is now armed with a better understanding of the facility to best design the Best Available Retrofit Control Technology (BARCT) analysis prior to adoption.

Watch the virtual tour here: