CalCIMA Joins National State Asphalt Pavement Association Organization

Sacramento - The California Construction and Industrial Materials Association (CalCIMA) has been recognized as a member of the national State Asphalt Pavement Associations (SAPA) as of Jan. 2022.

“As we work to represent the totality of the construction and industrial materials industry, we leverage our strong relationships with our national associations across the board,” said Robert Dugan, President and CEO of CalCIMA. “This recognition by the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) and SAPA helps complete that connectivity we need to ensure our materials industries best interests are represented.”


As a member of SAPA, CalCIMA gains access to NAPA and the Asphalt Alliance who are experts on regulatory, technical, sustainability, safety, environmental, and legislative issues across the country.


CalCIMA is very excited to be a member of SAPA. This membership opens the door to an unimaginable range of asphalt expertise and best practices,” said Tony Limas, CalCIMA's Director of Asphalt Advocacy and Technical Affairs. “CalCIMA is looking forward to working with our fellow asphalt advocates and colleagues throughout the US.”


SAPA will provide CalCIMA access to educational materials, as well as asphalt advocates and experts everywhere.


“Membership in SAPA will help us understand the latest emerging technologies under development outside of California,” said Pat Imhoff, Technical Services Manager of CalPortland.


CalCIMA added an asphalt division in 2021, which promotes and advocates for plant produced asphalt. CalCIMA's Hot Mix Asphalt Producers and Associate Members work to support, advocate and advance the asphalt pavement industry. CalCIMA's members range from small driveway/paving operations to diverse larger construction companies that produce and/or place asphalt pavement on roads, airports, parking lots, recreational facilities, and more. 


CalCIMA is the state trade association for aggregate, concrete, asphalt, and industrial

mineral producers that provide the materials to build roads, bridges, rail, homes,

schools, hospitals, and water systems. Members produce materials from

over 500 operations throughout the state.