Committees & Regional Councils

Committee volunteerism is one of the most effective ways to get value out of your CalCIMA membership.  Participation in our committees and/or regional councils will get you access to information as well as connect you to other industry professionals who are in search of common goals.  CalCIMA's committee members provide value to the Association as well as themselves. 

Standing Committees

Education, Events and Membership Services Committee:  The Committee develops, facilitates, and recommends programs, policies and services that would enhance and expand the value of CalCIMA membership for the benefit of our member companies, as well as developing programs to recruit and retain members. This committee is also responsible for the planning and execution of meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and other special events that advance the business and educational goals of CalCIMA.  The committee is comprised of both producer and associate members which reflect the scope of membership.
Co Chair:            Crystal Howard, Crystal Waters Consulting, LLC
Co Chair:            Desirea Haggard, CalPortland
Staff:                   Stephanie Pridmore
Environmental & Natural Resources Committee: The Committee engages in state legislation, regulation and administrative actions relative to environmental issues. The Committee coordinates with the Governmental & Legislative Affairs and Legal Action Committees.  It is also responsible for identifying educational and training programs that CalCIMA may conduct through its Education, Events & Member Services Committee. Committee membership is open to all members in good standing. 

Chair:                      Nicholas Armstrong, Teichert Materials
Vice Chair:              Erin Loza, CEMEX
Staff:                       Adam Harper
Governmental & Legislative Affairs Committee:  The Committee is responsible for advancing CalCIMA’s strategic interest through state and federal legislation, regulation, and/or administrative action.  Activities include, but may not be limited to, reviewing and initiating legislation, monitoring administrative and regulatory initiatives, advising of needed actions, and directing the advocacy staff and consultants.  Membership is open to any CalCIMA member in good standing.
Chair:                      Barbara Goodrich-Welk, Vulcan Materials Company
Vice Chair:              Debbie Wells, CEMEX
Staff:                       Adam Harper,  Robert Dugan
Legal Action Committee:  The Committee is responsible for advising the Board of Directors on legal actions that need to be taken by the Association in response to measures taken by the courts or governing bodies at the local, state and federal levels.  This includes any and all Association involvement in industry litigation.  The Committee meets jointly with the Governmental & Legislative Affairs Committee to advise on legislative or regulatory matters as they relate to the drafting and advocacy of CalCIMA legislative initiatives or positions.  Membership is open to all CalCIMA attorney members. 
Chair:                      Kerry Shapiro, Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP
Vice Chair:              Martin Stratte, Martin Marietta
Staff:                       Robert Dugan
Public Education & Outreach Committee:  Responsible for developing programs to enhance the public relations opportunities for our industry to education the general public and local and state policy makers about the critical work our members do in the state.
Chair:                      Christopher Iaccio, Cemex
Vice Chair:              Shanna Crigger, Graniterock
Staff:                       Suzanne Seivright-Sutherland, Robert Dugan
Safety and Health Committee:  The Committee reviews enforcement trends, safety practices and regulatory developments at both the state and federal level that impact our industries It works closely with the Education, Events & Member Services Committee on identifying opportunism for education and training programs and the Governmental & Legislative Affairs Committee to advise and execute on legislative or regulatory matters. Membership is open to all members who currently engage in health and safety-related issues for their companies. 

Co Chair:                Michael Herges, Graniterock
Co Chair:                Meghan Neal, P.W. Gillibrand Co. Inc.
Vice Chair:              Matt Smylie, Ford Construction Co., Inc.
Staff:                       Charley Rea
Technical Committee:  The Committee is responsible for promoting and advocating for best industry practices, technical innovation and specifications.  It also works to protect the industry from adverse decisions by policy makers and regulators.  It is responsible for working with Caltrans Rock Products Committee and other related industry coalitions. The Committee works closely with the Governmental & Legislative Affairs Committee in reviewing legislation and promoting industry initiatives.  Membership will be open to all CalCIMA members in good standing. 

Co Chair:                 Patrick Frawley, Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc.
Co Chair:                 Ed Luce, Cemex
Staff:                       Charley Rea
Transportation Committee: The Committee is Responsible for reviewing regulatory and legislative issues concerning industry transportation issues. It also keeps members informed on new issues and trends regarding equipment and technology through educational events and by contributing information to CalCIMA communications. The committee will be open to any member of CalCIMA in good standing.
Co Chair:               Kevin Homuth, Con-Tech Manufacturing
Co Chair:               Jamison Soule, Holliday Rock Co., Inc.
Vice Chair:             Daryl Charlson, CEMEX
Staff:                      Suzanne Seivright-Sutherland

Women of Asphalt Committee: Women of Asphalt is a national coalition which supports women in all aspects of the asphalt industry through mentoring, education, and advocacy, and by encouraging women to seek careers in the asphalt industry.

Staff:                        Stephanie PridmoreAbi HagueNicole RossJulia Maldonado

Women of CalCIMA Committee: The CalCIMA Women in Construction Materials Forum is committed to working with CalCIMA staff to celebrate diversity in the construction industry, facilitate discussions about the tools that will support women in the industry, bring the women of CalCIMA together to provide professional development, strengthen and empower women who work in our industry, and provide mentorship and sponsorship for women in industry.

Co Chair:                 Juliet Jacobson, Granite Construction
Co Chair:                 Talia Flagan, Martin Marietta
Staff:                        Stephanie Pridmore, Abi Hague, Nicole Ross, Julia Maldonado

Materials Steering Committees

Asphalt Steering Committee: CalCIMA’s Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Steering Committee and producer members work to support and advance the asphalt pavement industry through education, advocacy, and promotion including strategic initiatives and technical support. Our members are comprised of companies ranging from small driveway-paving operations to diverse heavy civil construction companies that produce and/or place asphalt pavement on roads, airports, parking lots, recreational facilities, etc.
Participation in the Asphalt Steering Committee is by invitation, limited to Asphalt Producer Members only.

Chair:                    Tim Reed, Vulcan Materials Company
Staff:                      Tony Limas
Ready-Mix Concrete Steering Committee: CalCIMA’s Ready-Mix Concrete Steering Committee and producer members work to support and advance the concrete industry through education, advocacy, and promotion including strategic initiatives and technical support. Our members are comprised of companies ranging from single plant, and family-run ready-mix concrete producers to more diverse aggregate and ready-mix operations supporting California’s build environment. This includes resilient cementitious materials for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and public works uses and construction.
Participation in the Ready-Mix Steering Committee is by invitation, limited to Concrete/Ready-Mix Producer Members only.

Chair:                     Francisco Rivera, CEMEX
Vice Chair:             Josh Neff, Folsom Ready Mix
Staff:                       Robert Dugan

Regional Councils:

Regional Councils cover geographic areas as defined by the Board of Directors. Each Regional Council is an integral part of the Association and are not separate entities. The Regional Councils provide an organized structure for members to enable them to work together and provide input to the Board of Directors, to address issues of interest such as best practices, to provide channels of communication between the members and the Board and Officers, and to promote the purposes of and membership in the Association.

San Bernardino Regional Council Leadership:
Chair:           Desirea Haggard, CalPortland
Co-Chair:     George Kenline, Martin Marietta
Co-Chair:    Jamie Hove, AgCon, Inc.
Staff:            Suzanne Seivright-Sutherland
San Diego Regional Council Leadership:
Chair:          Matt Pound, Martin Marietta
Vice Chair:  Abbey Sanderson, Vulcan Materials Company
Staff:            Suzanne Seivright-Sutherland
Riverside/MetroRegional Council Leadership:
Chair:            Roberta Reed, 3M
Vice Chair:    Bill Taylor, Robertson's Ready Mix
Staff:            Suzanne Seivright-Sutherland

Affiliated Entities

CalCIMA Political Action Committee (CalCIMA PAC):
CalCIMA Issues Political Action Committee (CalCIMA Issues PAC):
The CalCIMA PACs’ primary purposes are (1) To establish a continuing political campaign fund managed and operated in accordance with the terms of their Bylaws and not affiliated with any political party; (2) To  receive voluntary contributions acceptable to the Trustees interested in promoting the political purposes for which this Committee’s funds may be expended hereunder; (3) To make contributions to and independent expenditures ins support of or in opposition to California candidates for election to state offices and initiatives on the state ballot; (4) To support CalCIMA members taking an active role in political and governmental affairs, and to support political education and fundraising.
Chair:                      Jamie Polomsky, Vulcan Materials Company
Vice Chair:              Barbara Goodrich Welk, Vulcan Materials Company
Staff:                       Robert Dugan
California Mineral Education Foundation (CMEF): The Foundation is dedicated to the development and administration of pro-active education programs to increase awareness of the essential nature of construction and industrial materials, expand education and training opportunities and enhance equity and diversity in related job careers.
President:                Barbara Goodrich-Welk, Vulcan Materials Company
Vice President:        Cindy Pridmore, California Geological Survey
Staff:                        Robert Dugan and Stephane Pridmore