Members Respond to Coronavirus

CalCIMA Members Local Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

‚ÄčMasks worn by construction workers to keep the dust and the dirt out can also be used by doctors and nurses on the front lines. Local hospitals need supplies of things like gloves, masks, goggles, filters, sanitizing wipes and much more.

We can learn a lot from each other

For an idea of how to send messages to employees, customers and the community in safe manner, check out and subscribe to the YouTube channel from CalCIMA Member Sully-Miller where their leadership is posting updates and heart-felt messages geared towards their employees, customers and even their family members. 

CalPortland has responded to community needs associated with the spread of COVID-19.  Much needed hard-to-find items were donated by CalPortland to Marian Hospital in Santa Maria including N95 masks, nitrile gloves, plastic safety glasses and toilet paper.  CalPortland has provided donations to the Northern Santa Barbara County United Way, Santa Maria YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club of Mid Central Coast, as well as many other charitable organizations.  Along with that, CalPortland and its employees are fulfilling essential infrastructure construction services and construction materials supply needs for our communities.  The safety of our employees, customers and partners is the most important component within all our operations.  We have developed best practices for strict social distancing, hygiene, personal protective equipment, sanitizing common work areas and other safety procedures utilizing CDC guidelines for COVID-19.  These are being utilized to develop jobsite safety plans for our job and plant sites.

Granite Construction is one example of a member company who has answered the call for help in their local communities, donating N-95 respirators to those who need it most, local hospitals and first responders.

There are many other industry examples, including Teichert Foundation who earlier this week made a significant donation to the COVID-19 Response Fund- Donate4Sacramento to help meet local community needs.

California’s Construction and Industrial Materials companies are part of the essential infrastructure workforce working hard to maintain access to roads, bridges and other essential infrastructure to help ensure public health and safety. Thank you for all you do and the difference you make in your local communities.  You Rock!

Nine ways you can help in your local community now and in the future

  • Stay put. Yes, essential services must continue, but for aspects of your operation that can operate from home, do so.

  • Your local hospital and healthcare workers are on the front lines and need your help. Masks worn by construction workers to keep the dust and the dirt out can also be used by doctors and nurses on the front lines. Local hospitals need supplies of things like gloves, masks, goggles, filters, sanitizing wipes and much more. Contact your local hospital or consult with your local county supervisor for information about where help is needed most.

  • American Red Cross. To make a financial donation, contact your local chapter or visit their national website or call 1.800.RED CROSS.

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America is helping feed kids participating in its clubs and is providing virtual academic support. Check out the clubs in the communities in which you operate to make a donation directly.

  • Feeding America supports hunger relief efforts through food banks and food pantries. To make a donation, visit their website.

  • Meals On Wheels deliver meals to keep seniors safe amid COVID-19. Check out the program in your community. Contact them directly or you can donate through their website.

  • United Way has established a COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund in most communities. Contact them directly or make a donation through their website.

  • There is a severe blood shortage due to blood drive cancellations. Healthy individuals are needed to donate.  Work with your local facility managers to identify your nearest Blood Bank or find a Red Cross donation center by entering your zip code here.

  • Cash is king. For many organizations, cash, or cash equivalent, is preferred.

(NOTE: These examples are in no way intended to be endorsements of any kind. If you're not a fan of these organizations, there are many other charities sure to welcome your support.)

Your Story

How have you made a positive impact in your community?
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Livingston’s Concrete Services
has decorated a mixer truck to support first responders during the coronavirus pandemic.  A message on its website says, “Today, as the world faces challenges and uncertainties of the COVID-19 Virus, one certainty that we all witness firsthand is how local law enforcement, and our emergency responders, work tirelessly together to serve the public. In these times of great unrest, they display courage, and provide stability to our community. And while there is great fear, there is also great hope, and the decision has been made to proudly display our gratitude, honor and respect, for those that serve our city, state and country. What better way to measure our impact of “good service”, then to look to those who serve us in such a tangible and meaningful way.”

The EnviroMINE family makes and donates face masks for flight attendants.  Toni Coalson heard from a friend that employees of American Airline's were short on PPE, so she immediately got to work on the sweing machine.  She even sewed in their logo.  

Shamrock Materials
donated 5 dozen N95 masks to Sutter Hospital in North Bay.  Meanwhile, its parent company, Vulcan Materials is taking inventory for the remainder of their California operations to see how many they can donate. 

Granite Construction and Graniterock have a ton in common! Besides a love of construction, they are both dedicated to the health and safety of the communities in which they live and serve. This week, they came to together to host local healthcare professionals with a special lunch delivery while social distancing.