Concrete Testing Adherence Collaboration (CTAC)

CalCIMA concrete producer members are able to participate in the Concrete Testing Adherence Collaboration (CTAC). CalCIMA is the California manager for this national program.

CTAC is a program to observe concrete testing procedures on job sites. It was developed as a fair and consistent way to assess technical testing. Test procedures for concrete are important since concrete is in a liquid, or non-final, state when delivered to a job site and still undergoing the curing process before becoming a final product. The goal is to improve quality, facilitate communication, reduce costs, and improve sustainability.

CTAC is non-intrusive observations to monitor that established practices are followed for the obtaining, handling, storing, and transporting of concrete samples. While testing technicians are trained and certified in the proper methods, CTAC observations helps to ensure that those techniques are properly applied at job sites. Data obtained is for informational and educational purposes only.

Participants in the program are able to have access to data and reports based on the observations. There is more information about CTAC available on its main website. This includes instructional materials and what it takes to participate.

To learn more or participate in California, please contact Charley Rea.