The members of CalCIMA produce vital construction and industrial materials that support the quality of life enjoyed by California's society. CalCIMA members acknowledge our responsibility to operate in a manner that integrates sustainable environmental protection practices.  CalCIMA Members are encouraged to achieve the objectives defined in the Environmental Principles.
CalCIMA Members:

  • DEDICATED to maintaining a balance between people, the economy, and the environment.
  • PRACTICE environmental responsibility by demonstrating management commitment in engaging and training employees at all levels to meet environmental goals and objectives.
  • PROMOTE integrated environmental management in facilities and operations in order to conserve energy and resources, minimize waste, and protect the environment.
  • RECOGNIZE that environmental protection is consistent with sound business objectives.
  • MONITOR environmental performance on an ongoing basis to identify opportunities for environmental improvements consistent with business plans.
  • PROMOTE the use of recycled products within operations, and work with customers, regulators, and government policymakers to encourage the use of recycled construction materials.
  • ADVOCATE that construction materials production and environmental protection are critical to our quality of life and a sustainable economy.
  • COMMUNICATE our contributions to environmental performance to the community and stakeholders.
  • RECLAIM land used by our operations in an environmentally responsible manner.