Fleet and Equipment Training


Bendix 3-day training opportunities

Bendix Brakes is hosting a 3-day Air Brake training in San Marcos on June 11-13. This training is tailored to new and experienced technicians. Curriculum includes the fundamentals of:

  • Compressed air
  • Tactics for air system failure mode diagnosis and troubleshooting 
  • Air brake system and foundation brake components, including air compressors, valves, foundation drum brakes, air disc brakes, plus steering.  

‚ÄčAt the close of each class, participants can elect to take part in an optional written test administered by Bendix to potentially receive a ‘Tested and Passed Certificate’. All participants will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’. Additional information can be found on the attached 2024 Bendix training announcement. To participate in this training, register directly through Bendix as guided in the attachment.  

Bendix 1-day training update

This 1-day training focuses on the fundamentals of air disc brakes. Bendix Brakes is working towards hosting this training at both a northern and southern California location in California. However, hosting this training is contingent on Bendix Brake internal resources developments. Additional updates to follow. 


Bendix Brake contact information

Brian Screeton

Manager of Technical Service Training 

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems

(260) 229-8801



A Bridgestone / Bandag ‘Tire Program Training’ focused on improvement of tire performance, increasing production, and maximizing your tire program is being coordinated. This training will be hosted on June 13th, 2024 in the Southern California region at Parkhouse Tire in Fontana, CA and at Bridgestone Distribution Center in Ontario, CA (both locations will be visited on a single day of training; 15-20 minute drive apart). The tentative agenda is posted below:

9AM – Bandag retread plant tour.
10:30AM – Basic tire construction: Discussion regarding radial design, tubeless v tube-type, tire sizing nomenclature, conventional v low profile sizes, and load carrying capacity.
11:30AM – Break for lunch
12:30PM – Out of service tire analysis: Discussion regarding radial tires, general terms and layout, crown conditions, tire sections, failures and deficiencies, and sidewall conditions.
1:30PM – Irregular tread wear: Discussion regarding different types of wear, related causes, and constructive tips with emphasis on circumferential and spotty irregular wear, stone/rock drilling damage to belts, and rock blockers.
2:30PM – Bridgestone online website for continued training.
2:45PM – Adjourn. 


Parkhouse Tire, Inc contact information

Ruben Serrano
Sales Manager
(951) 741-3523



This seminar is tailored to new and experienced technicians and designed to increase knowledge and develop troubleshooting skills related to concrete mixer maintenance. A truck walk around with Q&A will be implemented.

Objectives include:
• Hydrostatic transmission operation and trouble shooting
• Understanding booster trailer operation and maintenance
• Troubleshooting electrical circuits and best practices for repair
• Understanding roller alignment and replacement
• Understanding hydraulic oil cooling system and troubleshooting
• Kingpin identification and inspection various styles • New industry product
• Sharing of best practices for making safe repairs to concrete mixer trucks.

All seminar materials will be provided, however transportation and lodging are the responsibility of the participant.

Dates and locations:
August 29, 2024 - CEMEX, Fairfield (Address coming soon)
October 8, 2024 - 378 Commercial Road, San Bernardino, CA 92408

Price: $35, lunch included


Quinn is partnering with CalCIMA to provide training courses. For more information email trainingsupport@quinncompany.com


#2811A - SIS/ET



8/I 29/2024


#1908 - Fundamental Hydraulics






#1901 - Fundamental Electrical






U.S. DOT / CHP – HOS: 100 Air-Mile and Short-Haul Exemptions

On March 8th, 2024, CalCIMA hosted a refresher and Q&A session regarding U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) and California Highway Patrol (CHP)’s ‘Hours of Service – 100 Air-Mile and Short-Haul Exemptions’ for intrastate truck drivers in California.

Background: Drivers of all trucks in the U.S., including ready-mix and powder-train trucks, must comply with the hours of service (HOS) regulations issued by U.S. Department of Transportation’s (U.S. DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on (FMCSA). Some drivers will need to comply with electronic logging devices (ELDs) which are devices that is in the truck cab and automatically and securely records driving time. Requirements went into effect in December 2017 and became subject to enforcement action in January 2024. Most ready-mix drivers may be exempt through the 100 air-mile or short-haul exemptions (short-haul exemption became effective in CA January 2024).