Essential Industry COVID-19 Report

The Essential Role and Benefit of California’s Construction and Materials
Industry During COVID-19

A recent study conducted by CalCIMA strongly validates the official classification of the combined construction and materials industry in California as a low risk, “essential industry” that should remain operational during the pandemic. With stringent safety measures already in place that meet or exceed CDC, state and local requirements, few industries are as well suited or as strongly committed to protecting the health and safety of workers and the public.

In support of the essential industry designation, the report, The Essential Role and Benefit of California’s Construction and Materials Industry During COVID-19, highlights the critical role and benefit of the industry during COVID-19, demonstrating its ability to work safely, efficiently and responsibly, while helping to accelerate the re-opening and economic recovery of local communities.
The report emphasizes the essential nature of the many critical public and private construction projects that have fortunately continued through the crisis, including creating and maintaining essential infrastructure such as bridges and roads; building, expanding and repairing hospital infrastructure; building new temporary emergency hospitals and healthcare facilities; and keeping society’s basic services running, such as water, energy and many others.
Adding to the compelling need to keep construction and materials moving forward are the massive economic benefits the industry yielded during the first five months of the year while we were allowed to continue work uninterrupted as essential businesses. The industry is one of the few essential sectors that touches nearly every revenue stream in the economy. The magnitude of the collective ongoing work so far this year is highlighted in the report, along with examples of several high-profile public infrastructure projects in the northern, central and southern areas of the state that were started and/or completed since January 1, 2020.  
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