Legislative Conference

April 9-10, 2019
Kimpton Sawyer Hotel
Sacramento, CA

Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Legislative Conference

Sawyer Hotel

10AM-2PM Legislative Conference
Richie Ross, Esperanza Ross, Ross Communications
The California 2019-20 Legislative session convened with a new governor and a total of 17 new members of the legislature (8 new assembly members and 9 new senators).  Democrats in both the Senate and Assembly have historic super majorities, occupying three-fourths of the seats in both houses. The composition in the Senate includes 29 Democrats and 11 Republicans, while the Assembly includes 60 Democrats and 20 Republicans.  With these changes CalCIMA and its members have the opportunity and responsibility to introduce the industry to these newly elected leaders in an effort to reinforce the importance of the construction and industrial materials industry to the state.  Based on their long experience working in the Capitol, CalCIMA’s political consultant and lobbyists will share their insights on how our industry and members can effectively work with the new administration and legislature to remain proactive and continue to be influential.
Laura Curtis, Policy Advocate, California Chamber of Commerce
With more favorable majorities and office-holders, labor organizations are seizing the opportunity to aggressively pursue bills that previously did not pass or were vetoed by the previous administration.  These bills are aimed at discrimination, employment claims, statutes of limitations, attorneys’ fees, pay data, and safety standards.  The California Chamber of Commerce’s California Employer Coalition, which directs business advocacy efforts on employment law legislation will give us a review of key employment law bills that the business community will have to contend with this session. 

Dan Dunmoyer, President & CEO, California Building Industry Association
Given the gravity of the current housing crisis and the massive underproduction of homes needed to keep pace with demand, Governor Newsom has committed his administration to an aggressive housing agenda that is focused on eliminating barriers to production and incentivizing local governments to produce more housing for all income levels.  Dan Dunmoyer will share his perspective on the Governor’s housing initiatives, his thoughts on the prospects for success in the legislature and how CalCIMA and its members can assist in the advancement of housing legislation.  Dan will also talk about how the industry is addressing the workforce shortage as it prepares to ramp up housing production. 
Assembly Member Adam Gray (D) 21st District
Assembly Member Gray has demonstrated a keen understanding of and appreciation for the construction and industrial materials industry and its importance to the California economy.  During the 2015 legislative session Assembly Member Gray authored the SMARA Modernization legislation that carefully preserved the SMARA structure and authorities while providing more certainty as to when processes such as inspections and annual financial assurance review would occur.  During his luncheon presentation Mr. Gray will brief us on his new legislation that will hold state agencies accountable for delays in responding to local project approvals and his thoughts on need for workforce development for jobs in transportation sector.

Legislative Appointments
State Capitol

Legislative Reception
Downtown & Vine

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Committee Meetings
Sawyer Hotel

Member Breakfast
Sawyer Hotel

Governmental/Legal Affairs Committee
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Member Lunch
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Board of Directors
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