SB 1 Rebuilding CA

SB 1 – The First Step To Rebuilding
Our California Dream. 

Investing in our infrastructure means safer roads and bridges, jobs and business growth and a better quality of life.

Senate Bill 1 – The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 – provides funding for every community to make road safety improvements, fill potholes, make seismic safety improvements to bridges and overpasses, and repair local streets and freeways.

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Funding Will flow to Every Community in California – So Every Motorist Will Benefit.

SB 1 includes strict accountability to ensure these funds go only for transportation improvements. The money cannot be diverted for non-transportation purposes. In fact, voters will be asked to vote on a statewide ballot proposition in 2018 to solidify the revenue protections into our state constitution. Read more, and sign up for more information and updates here. 

While no one likes paying more, SB 1 will save motorists money in the long run. Californians currently pay $762 per year in additional vehicle repair costs because of the poor condition of our roads.



Thanks to the passage of Prop 69 ensuring $52 billion in SB1 funding cannot be misdirected by state government and spent for non-transportation uses. Thank you for your support of California's roads, highways, bridges and other vital transportation infrastructure.

Facts matter. 

Thank you for your support of California's roads, highways, bridges and other vital transportation infrastructure. Thank you for your Prop 69 support.  Click here to view or download and post the two-page Fact Sheet from the Coalition to Protect Local Transportation Improvements in your offices and share it with your employees.

SB1 is Helping Build Safer Streets

Prior to SB 1 California’s streets, roads and bridges consistently ranked as some of, if not the worst, in the nation. Widespread neglect and years of underfunding left roads crumbling, bridges failing, increased gridlock, and conditions that not only damaged vehicles but threatened the safety of California drivers.

SB 1 is simply, quickly and transparently changing all that. Most importantly, you don’t have to take our word for it. Californians are noticing. Polls like this from reflect what Californians overwhelmingly want - safer streets and routes for children to walk or bike to school or parks. You can look up and find projects already completed, underway, or planned in your area thanks to SB 1 funding. Visit:

SB 1 is rebuilding California!!   

SB 1 Fact Sheets, Q&A,
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SB 1 Fact Sheet

REPORT: Economic Benefits of SB1

SB1 First-Funded Projects
By County

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