CalCIMA is a state-wide trade association for aggregate, ready mixed concrete, and industrial mineral producers in California.  Members of CalCIMA provide California with construction materials such as concrete, asphalt, and road base.  These m
aterials build roads, bridges, homes, hospitals, walkways, and water structures. CalCIMA members operate about 500 plants in California.
Aggregate, ready-mixed concrete and asphalt suppliers in this organization realize the critical importance of the implementation of sustainability initiatives within each product line.  These initiatives are a key focus to our association members. 

While there may be focus on certain metrics, such as global warming potential (GWP), as a sustainability measure, construction material producers are engaged in a much wider range of sustainability initiatives. 

Examples of the focused sustainability initiatives include the use of recycled materials in all product lines, reducing the carbon footprint using supplementary cementitious materials, implementation of alternative fuels, and the evaluation of environmental footprint data including Environmental Product Declarations, from which we anticipate sustainable business decisions will be made.
These examples are a sampling of what our member companies are engaged in and though not all members incorporate all the initiatives outlined above, all have a focus on sustainability in some fashion.

CalCIMA discourages one-size-fits all metrics and approaches that limit sustainability options.  We encourage project owners, specifiers, and contractors to work in a holistic manner with construction material producers to determine the most sustainable ways to supply construction materials for a given area.

Download CalCIMA Sustainability Statement Below

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