Spring Thaw Presentations

CalCIMA Virtual Spring Thaw 2021
March 18, 2021
8AM -12PM


2020 Spring Thaw Presentations 

Terry Tyson, Insight Services and Presentations - Tribute to Fallen Miners
James Peck, MSHA - Haulage, Electrical & Contractors
Brianna Eiter, NIOSH, Jon Hrica, NIOSH -  - NIOSH EXAMiner Software
Willa Perlmutter, Stoel Rives LLP - Miners' Rights & Whistleblower Retaliation Cases
Diane Watson, Silverado Compliance Solutions - Miners' Rights & Whistleblower Retaliation Cases
Carlos Mascote, 3M - Confined Space Rescue Scenarios
Everett Burgess, Granite Construction, Inc. - Confined Space Rescue Scenarios
Cynthia Escobar, Graniterock - Innovations, PPE Incentive Program
Robert Moutrie, CalChamber - Planning for Natural Disasters
Michael Tyeryar, Lehigh Hanson Region West - Planning for Natural Disasters
Cynthia Pridmore, California Geological Survey - Planning for Natural Disasters
Michael Burneson, Syar Industries, Inc. - Planning for Natural Disasters
Terry Tyson, Insight Services and Presentations, Meghan Neal, P.W. Gillibrand Co. Inc., Willa Perlmutter, Stoel Rives LLP - Safety Training Exercises
Scott DeLapp, Industrial Electrical Supply - Arc Flash Electrical Safety

2019 Spring Thaw Presentations 

Terry Tyson, Insight Services and Presentations - Tribute to Fallen Miners
Robert Lucchesi, Teichert Materials – Keynote Address: Leadership
Kevin Hirsch, MSHA (Ontario) – Workplace Exams
John Pereza, MSHA (Sacramento) – Workplace Exams
Jim Henze, CalOSHA (Ontario) – What Inspectors Look For
Jeffrey Wallace, CalOSHA (Sacramento) – What Inspectors Look For
Brian Bigley, Lehigh Hanson Region West – Haulage Vehicles
Marcie Goodman, CalOSHA (Ontario) – Electrical Safety & Miners Rights
Mark Hirzy, CalOSHA (Sacramento) – Electrical Safety & Miners Rights
Meghan Neal, Lehigh Hanson Region West – Controlling Silica Exposure
Diane Watson, MSHA – Conferencing Citations
Jocelyn Jackson, Lhoist North America (Ontario) – Innovations
Earl Ochs, Vulcan Materials Company (Ontario) - Innovations (Haulage Vehicles)
Jason Solis, Vulcan Materials Company (Ontario) – Innovations (Safety Improvements)
Frans van Beuningen, Lhoist North America (Sacramento) – Innovations
Philip Lee, Granite Construction, Inc. (Sacramento) – Innovations
Jack Donnelly, 3M (Ontario) – Fall Protection  
Mark Ipsen, 3M (Sacramento) – Fall Protection  
Terry Tyson, Insight Services and Presentations & Meghan Neal, Lehigh Hanson Region West & Willa Perlmutter, Stoel Rives LLP – Training Strategies
Diane Watson, MSHA – Supervisor Responsibilities
Willa Perlmutter, Stoel Rives LLP – Supervisor Responsbilities

2018 Spring Thaw Presentations 

A Tribute to Fallen Miners by Terry Tyson, Lehigh Hanson Poem
Keynote (Ontario): Eric Wittmann, Cemex: Creating an Injury Free Work Environment
Keynote (Sacramento): Robert Lucchesi, Teichert Materials: Operational Excellence
Workplace Exam Legal Prespective: Joshua Schultz, Law office of Adele L. Abrams P.C.: The Saga of MSHA's Workplace Exam Rule
Workplace Exam Operator Perspective (Ontario) Shaun Nielsen, Cemex: Workplace Examination
Workplace Exam Operator Perspective (Sacramento) Buzz Biles, Granite Construction, Inc. Plant Inspections
Ready Mix SafetyPrograms (Sacramento): Araceli Indi, Central Concrete Supply, Co., Inc. 
Silica: Daniel Flynn, Disnmore & Shohl: How to Comply with the new Silica Rule for General Industry
Confined Space, The Rules:  Zohra Ali and Patrick Corcoran, CalOSHA: Confined Space Regulation
Vehicle Segregation: Terry Tyson, Lehigh Hanson: Mobile Equipment Interactions, Vehicle Segregation
Inspections Legal: Willa Perlmutter, Stoel Rives: Inspection Misconceptions
Helath Programs: Jennifer Garcia, MSHA: Health Program Essentials
Innovations (Ontario) : Nick Prizant, Specialty Minerals: Presentation
Innovations (Ontario): Terrell Cypert, CalPortland: Presentation 
Innovations (Ontario):Early Ochs and Jason Solis, Vulcan Materials: Presentation
Innovations (Ontario): John Green, Lhoist: Presentation
Innovations (Sacramento) Buzz Biles, Grantie Construction, Inc.: Presentation
Innovations (Sacramento) Jocelyn Jackson, Lhoist: Presentation
Training Reinforcements: Meghan Neal, 3M, Terry Tyson, Lehigh Hanson, Willa Perlmutter, Stoel Rives
     Family Fued
     Safety Pays Pyramid

2017 Spring Thaw Presentations

CalOSHA Presentation
   CalOSHA - decision re energy control procedures 
   CalOSHA - decision re safety & training programs
   CalOSHA - guarding specifications

Keynote - Oroville Dam Emergency Work

Rashomon Effect

Death of a Miner Poem

Interactive Exercises
   Delivery Drivers
   Training Games