Spring Thaw

Annual 2019 Spring Thaw Training Conferences Highlight Safety Matters

The 2019 CalCIMA annual Spring Thaw training conferences provided an opportunity for more than 250 laborers, plant managers, supervisors, safety personnel, company owners, vendors, suppliers and equipment manufacturers to access the latest news on regulation, policy, procedure and new training.
Safety is job one,” said Gary Hambly, CalCIMA President/CEO. “We are pleased to bring these top notch training opportunities to our members.”
This year’s Spring Thaw Training Conferences were held February 26 in Ontario and March 20 in Sacramento. Practical safety advice, training updates and recent safety innovations were shared in a series of operator presentations on a wide variety of topics.
A keynote address from Robert Lucchesi, Teichert, Inc., encouraged all personnel to take a leadership role within their company to help influence a positive safety culture. Other highlights were interactive ways to reinforce safety from Meghan Neal, Lehigh Hanson, Tyson Tyson, Insight Services and Presentations and Willa Perlmutter, Stoel Rives LLP; tips on controlling exposure to dust and silica from Meghan Neal, Lehigh Hanson; electrical safety & miners’ rights and what inspectors look for from, CalOSHA; requirements for work place exam rule from, MSHA; practical examples on effective control measures for haulage vehicles from Brian Bigley, Lehigh Hanson; proper harnessing techniques from 3M; and a review of supervisor responsibilities from Diane Watson, MSHA & Willa Perlmutter, Stoel Rives LLP.
In Ontario, recent safety innovations were shared by Jocelyn Jackson, Lhoist North America; Earl Ochs, Vulcan Materials; and Jason Solis, Vulcan Materials. In Sacramento, safety innovations were shared by Frans van Beuningen, Lhoist North America and Philip Lee, Granite Construction, Inc.
Since 2015, a special feature of the CalCIMA Spring Thaw has been a tribute to miners who lost their lives in a work related accident during the previous year. A candle is lit representing each worker lost in the United States. A poem written and read by CalCIMA member Terry Tyson is shared.  In the first year, 30 candles were lit (for the metals, non-metals sector).  This year, five years and five Terry Tyson poems later, five candles paid tribute to those lost, including a special tribute to two workers in Western District. 

2019 Spring Thaw Presentations 

Terry Tyson, Insight Services and Presentations - Tribute to Fallen Miners
Robert Lucchesi, Teichert Materials – Keynote Address: Leadership
Kevin Hirsch, MSHA (Ontario) – Workplace Exams
John Pereza, MSHA (Sacramento) – Workplace Exams
Jim Henze, CalOSHA (Ontario) – What Inspectors Look For
Jeffrey Wallace, CalOSHA (Sacramento) – What Inspectors Look For
Brian Bigley, Lehigh Hanson Region West – Haulage Vehicles
Marcie Goodman, CalOSHA (Ontario) – Electrical Safety & Miners Rights
Mark Hirzy, CalOSHA (Sacramento) – Electrical Safety & Miners Rights
Meghan Neal, Lehigh Hanson Region West – Controlling Silica Exposure
Diane Watson, MSHA – Conferencing Citations
Jocelyn Jackson, Lhoist North America (Ontario) – Innovations
Earl Ochs, Vulcan Materials Company (Ontario) - Innovations (Haulage Vehicles)
Jason Solis, Vulcan Materials Company (Ontario) – Innovations (Safety Improvements)
Frans van Beuningen, Lhoist North America (Sacramento) – Innovations
Philip Lee, Granite Construction, Inc. (Sacramento) – Innovations
Jack Donnelly, 3M (Ontario) – Fall Protection  
Mark Ipsen, 3M (Sacramento) – Fall Protection  
Terry Tyson, Insight Services and Presentations & Meghan Neal, Lehigh Hanson Region West & Willa Perlmutter, Stoel Rives LLP – Training Strategies
Diane Watson, MSHA – Supervisor Responsibilities
Willa Perlmutter, Stoel Rives LLP – Supervisor Responsbilities

2018 Spring Thaw Presentations 

A Tribute to Fallen Miners by Terry Tyson, Lehigh Hanson Poem
Keynote (Ontario): Eric Wittmann, Cemex: Creating an Injury Free Work Environment
Keynote (Sacramento): Robert Lucchesi, Teichert Materials: Operational Excellence
Workplace Exam Legal Prespective: Joshua Schultz, Law office of Adele L. Abrams P.C.: The Saga of MSHA's Workplace Exam Rule
Workplace Exam Operator Perspective (Ontario) Shaun Nielsen, Cemex: Workplace Examination
Workplace Exam Operator Perspective (Sacramento) Buzz Biles, Granite Construction, Inc. Plant Inspections
Ready Mix SafetyPrograms (Sacramento): Araceli Indi, Central Concrete Supply, Co., Inc. 
Silica: Daniel Flynn, Disnmore & Shohl: How to Comply with the new Silica Rule for General Industry
Confined Space, The Rules:  Zohra Ali and Patrick Corcoran, CalOSHA: Confined Space Regulation
Vehicle Segregation: Terry Tyson, Lehigh Hanson: Mobile Equipment Interactions, Vehicle Segregation
Inspections Legal: Willa Perlmutter, Stoel Rives: Inspection Misconceptions
Helath Programs: Jennifer Garcia, MSHA: Health Program Essentials
Innovations (Ontario) : Nick Prizant, Specialty Minerals: Presentation
Innovations (Ontario): Terrell Cypert, CalPortland: Presentation 
Innovations (Ontario):Early Ochs and Jason Solis, Vulcan Materials: Presentation
Innovations (Ontario): John Green, Lhoist: Presentation
Innovations (Sacramento) Buzz Biles, Grantie Construction, Inc.: Presentation
Innovations (Sacramento) Jocelyn Jackson, Lhoist: Presentation
Training Reinforcements: Meghan Neal, 3M, Terry Tyson, Lehigh Hanson, Willa Perlmutter, Stoel Rives
     Family Fued
     Safety Pays Pyramid

2017 Spring Thaw Presentations

CalOSHA Presentation
   CalOSHA - decision re energy control procedures 
   CalOSHA - decision re safety & training programs
   CalOSHA - guarding specifications

Keynote - Oroville Dam Emergency Work

Rashomon Effect

Death of a Miner Poem

Interactive Exercises
   Delivery Drivers
   Training Games